Job description

SIA is on the hunt for a Middle+ Leadgen (SDR) with a Sales backbone, ready to elevate our approach to securing Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). We seek a solver who looks for solutions, not problems – and clearly understands goals, requirements, and the expectations of our clients. Flexibility, responsibility, and initiative are the pillars that will guarantee effectiveness in this role.

Our campaigns are already outperforming the market by 2-3 times in efficiency. We’ve cracked the code to superior campaigns, and by joining us, you’ll not only master our methods but also have the opportunity to further enhance conversion rates.


1. Process newsbreaks and plan advertising campaigns.

2. Carefully prepare for contacts with LEADS (study the specifics of the company and the person with whom you plan to communicate, determine the communication tool).

3. Process potential customers from the lead gen (email correspondence or LinkedIn) in order to arouse their interest in the company and its products/services: identify the needs of the lead and process objections, in accordance with the BP and the Standards, provide all the necessary information about the company and its products/services.

4. Qualify the lead (MQL and MEL), enter his data into CRM and transfer the interested lead (MQL) to BDD.

5. Track the results of campaigns, fill out reports in a timely and correct manner and submit them to the manager.

6. Plan the day/week/month of your work, according to the Standards and BP, approve the plans with the manager.

Hard skills

1. Using the Fact – Advantage – Benefit tool
2. 5 Stages of Sales
3. Knowing the 6 Motives for Buying
4. Time management
5. English B2+
6. Ability to write letters/messages relevant to the audience and the ability to involve the lead in the discussion
7. Ability to interest in products / services
8. Ability to identify needs, find an individual approach and form an offer to the LEAD

Soft skills

1. Communicativeness
2. Self-reliance and autonomy
3. Ability to see solutions and new opportunities, not problems
4. Proactivity
5. Result-oriented
6. Ability to set priorities
7. Developed emotional intelligence
8. Attention to detail

What we offer

We offer:
1. 24 calendar days of paid vacation per year (after the trial period);
2. Paid sick days (after the trial period);
3. Possibility to work remotely;
4. Possibility to visit English courses;
5. Possibility of having consultations with a psychologist.

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