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Project: global technology consulting company at the forefront of cloud computing. In collaboration with Amazon Web Services, we help customers embrace a broad spectrum of innovative solutions. From migration strategy to operational excellence, cloud-native development, and immersive transformation.

It is a full spectrum integrator. Several years of hands-on experience in a similar role, working extensively with AWS services, Azure DevOps, and DevOps practices. 


●  Lead Deployment Strategy: Spearhead the development and execution of deployment strategies in collaboration with other DevOps team members, ensuring seamless and efficient software releases.

●  Deployment Optimization: Optimize deployment processes to minimize deployment downtime, reduce risk, and enhance efficiency in collaboration with the DevOps team.

●  Automation Champion: Identify and implement automation opportunities across deployment, monitoring, and incident management processes to streamline operations and reduce manual intervention.

●  Proactive Monitoring: Continuously monitor the stability and performance of our production environments, actively identifying potential issues and proactively addressing them to maintain optimal system health.

●  Daily Health Checks and QA Collaboration: Perform daily health checks and functionality testing of the main components of the system in close collaboration with our QA (Quality Assurance) team. This involves ensuring that critical system functionalities are operating as expected, promptly reporting any anomalies or issues, and working collaboratively to resolve them.

●  Incident Resolution: Participate in incident resolution by promptly diagnosing and resolving issues related to production environments, ensuring minimal disruption to our users.

●  On-call Support: Contribute to the on-call rotation schedule to provide for critical systems, ensuring quick response and resolution to any production incidents.


●  English: B2-C1

●  Demonstrated experience with New Relic and Kibana/Elasticsearch for monitoring and observability.

●  Proficiency in Windows Server administration, especially in the context of IIS.

●  Hands-on experience with AWS ECS and .NET Core for containerized applications.

●  Knowledge of Terraform and Ansible for infrastructure provisioning and configuration management.

●  Familiarity with MS SQL Server and PostgreSQL/MySQL database management.

●  Experience working with AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda functions.

Cloud Expertise:

●  Strong knowledge of AWS services, including EC2, ECS, Lambda, API Gateway, and CloudWatch, etc.

●  Experience with Azure DevOps for managing deployment pipelines, ticketing, version control, and documentation.

●  Proficiency in managing cloud resources efficiently and cost-effectively.

Scripting and Automation:

●  Strong scripting skills in languages like Python, PowerShell, or Bash to automate tasks and deployments.

●  Experience with infrastructure as code (IaC) using tools like Terraform and Ansible.

Monitoring and Observability:

●  Proficiency in using New Relic and Kibana/Elasticsearch for monitoring, log analysis, and performance optimization.

●  Knowledge of cloud-native monitoring and observability tools like AWS CloudWatch.

Containerization and Orchestration: Experience with containerization technologies like Docker and container orchestration with AWS ECS and Kubernetes.

Database Management:  Ability to manage and optimize MS SQL and PostgreSQL/MySQL databases.

Networking Expertise:

●       In-depth understanding of networking concepts, including TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, VPNs, and load balancing.

●       Proficiency in configuring and managing network resources within AWS, including Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) setup, security groups, and network ACLs.

●       Knowledge of network troubleshooting and packet analysis to diagnose and resolve connectivity issues efficiently.

DNS Management:

●       Strong knowledge of Domain Name System (DNS) configuration and management, both internally and externally.

●       Experience with domain registration, DNS record management, and troubleshooting DNS-related issues.

●       Familiarity with Amazon Route 53 or similar DNS management services in the cloud.

Network Security:

●       Understanding of network security principles and best practices, including firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, and encryption.

●       Ability to implement network security measures to protect data and systems.

Security and Compliance:
●  Knowledge of security best practices and compliance requirements in cloud environments.

Collaboration Skills:

●  Effective collaboration with cross-functional teams, including developers, QA, and system administrators.

●  Good communication skills to document processes and share knowledge.


●  Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to diagnose and resolve complex issues.

Continuous Learning:

●  A commitment to staying up-to-date with emerging technologies and best practices in DevOps and cloud computing.


A willingness to adapt to evolving technologies and the ability to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment

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