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The project is a distributed system for file remote storage and access. Every file, which the user downloads into the system, gets split into a number of small chunks, which are distributed between other useful storage spaces. When a user wishes to download a file, a sufficient number of chunks is downloaded from the remote users and the file is recreated from them. This way of file storage permits to achieve several aims:
•to store the files without the storage space, maintained by the service provider,
•to get quick access to the files and high resilience due to the multiple sources, from which the chunks are downloaded,
•to improve security by avoiding the storage of the full file.

The project itself consists of a client application for Windows, which originally was a native Windows desktop application, written in C++, but is planned to migrate to Flutter and a client application for Android (in early stages now), built on Flutter. The core in the client is developed in C++, including the framework ACE. The project central component uses PHP web services as the number of background microservices, written in Python. Building CI/CD pipelines for the project includes using git repositories (Bitbucket), CI\CD automation solutions (Jenkins), and CI\CD automation solutions (Jenkins). At present time the most of the project’s central component is hosted on the AWS cloud and uses such AWS technologies as EC2, RDS, S3, Route53.


Good knowledge of Android Knowledge of Flutter


Continue developing the application on Flutter, the logic of which has already been implemented under Windows. • In the process of implementing the application, an Android developer who has been participating in the project since its inception will be consulted (8 months) • Take responsibility for developing an Android application. • Understand the C ++ part of the project that deals with Android.

Hanna Hrosheva
Human resources