The next office is located in Sumy. There are 9 employees in it.
Sumy is famous for its views, rapid growth in the field of IT services, the development of the city’s culture and educational system.
When we have chosen a suitable office for employees in Sumy, first of all, we focused on a comfortable location.ъ

We love our office because:

  • It is not far from the city centre and has a comfy location;
  • Comfortable office, which is divided into a separate work area for everyone
  • There is a cosy place, near the office, with a beautiful fountain, where you can take a breath, and have a cup of tea with a colleague.
  • It has a mini gym, which has the necessary sports equipment for sports exercises;
  • It has free parking for cars and bicycle
  • The area for cooking

Soft industry office room tour

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