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Soft Industry Alliance has come a long way since its foundation in 2000 to the Present Day. We know for sure that determination, enjoy the working process, and constant work on ourselves is very important to achieve success. We are valued and encouraged by these qualities in our team. Being a part of the Soft Industry team is an opportunity to work in a comfortable environment, to be involved in interesting projects, to learn and act, to feel support to have clear goals, and achieve them.


Our team is built on mutual respect and strives to create software of superior quality. We spend a lot of time with our workmates and believe that success comes to the whole team and as a result of great team work.

Dmytro Voychenko

Dmytro Voychenko, C.E.O

Andrey Fedorenko

Andrey Fedorenko, C.O.O

LeaderShip Team

Oleksandr Kotliar

HR Director

 Oleksandr Kotliar, HR Director

Yuliia Lisohor

Project Management Officer

 Yuliia Lisohor, Project Management Officer

Andrii Kulyzhko

Sales Director

 Andrii Kulyzhko, Sales Director

Olexandr Khobotnya

Head of Testing & QA

 Olexandr Khobotnya, Head of Testing & QA

Iryna Lukashevych

Chief Financial Officer

Iryna Lukashevych, Chief Financial Officer

Vadym Boiko

Chief Information Officer

Vadym Boiko , Chief Information Officer